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World Pangolin Day – 18th FEB 2023

Pangolins have sadly been dubbed the world’s most trafficked mammal, accounting for as much as 20% of the illegal wildlife trade. The The Zululand Conservation Trust is working closely with African Pangolin Working Group,Johannesburg Wildlife Vet Hospital and Manyoni Private Game Reserve to rehome Temminck’s Ground Pangolins rescued from this trade.

In the hands of poachers, pangolins deteriorate due to dehydration, lack of food and stress. When survivors arrive at the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet Hospital , they receive intensive care and are nursed back to health until they are strong enough to undergo the “soft-release” process at suitable reserves (such as Manyoni Private Game Reserve). This process involves days, weeks, and sometimes months, of taking them out for daily walks to feed on ants and termites, and become familiar with their new home.

Photo by: Marli can den Bergh

The Zululand Conservation Trust has successfully released 14 pangolins back into the wild, and the the good news doesn’t stop there… Last year, we discovered that 4 of our pangolins have given birth to wild #pangopups! This is an amazing success story, and it fills our hearts with joy and pride. This project is not only the second-chance for previously poached pangolins, but the hope for their survival as a species.

THANK YOU to the dedicated and passionate people on our team who are involved in monitoring these precious animals on Manyoni!

Video by: Flavia Casali
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