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A spotted cat for Christmas!

Male cheetah rehomed at Manyoni Private Game Reserve with Olwen Jakumeit and Karen Odendaal.

This beautiful male cheetah was moved to Manyoni yesterday afternoon, after he repeatedly escaped from a nearby game reserve, likely in search of a mate as the park had very few breeding females. He was sedated during translocation and we managed to sneak in a quick photo with him before he woke up in his new home. Manyoni has a healthy cheetah population and his genetics will make a significant contribution to ours and utimately the meta-population. The introduction of new genetics is critical especially for species such as cheetah where inbreeding is a major concern and has to be managed. In order to “home” this male we will keep him in the boma for a period of 6 weeks as they tend to breakout if they are released too soon. He was collared already and therefore we will be able to effectively monitor his movements post release.




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