Feeding the Wildlife Communities

The Covid-19 pandemic crippled the tourism industry overnight, and with businesses closing their doors thousands of people in and around the game reserves ended up unemployed. Many families struggled to make ends meet and provide for their children. We met with the traditional leaders in the communities surrounding Manyoni Private Game Reserve and asked them to help us identify those households in dire need. We partnered with Do More Foundation, Kingsley Holgate’s Feeding the Wildlife Community, SA Rugby Legends and The Domino Foundation to supply food parcels and sanitising products to homesteads in need throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The project and support for it grew bigger as we realised how many more households are struggling. Even after the covid-19 pandemic, we have kept up and providing essential food, sanitising products and more to homesteads in need!

If you would like to donate towards the community food parcels contact admin@zululandconservationtrust.org or visit the Zululand Conservation Trust website.