Mandlakazi Food Security Project

Food security and poverty is a major challenge in rural Zululand. We along with the Donor Olivier Van Walsem identified the need to enhance food security in this area. The Mandlakazi Food Security Project was established and is funded by Roots Up together with the Zululand Conservation Trust and Manyoni. We are now providing the right training and infrastructure to families in need, allowing them to support themselves. With the right tools and knowledge these households are able to establish and improve subsistence gardens where they grow nutritious crops on the land they have available to them.

The community members are working hard to plough the land and prepare the beds for the seedlings, fencing off the areas to keep goats and other animals out. Drainage swales are dug by hand to direct runoff from roads and hills into newly dug beds where fruit trees are then planted. These community members were also trained in permaculture methods and taught which plants thrive in their soil and Zululand climate. Having this knowledge enables the community members to plant wisely considering the limitations to access running water.

What was started in 2019, is expanding rapidly and we are servicing a greater area with more households gaining from this program. We are very proud to be working in partnership with incredible organisations and hope to expand even further, ensuring long-lasting food security to more and more households in need. If you would like to find out more or support this program please mail us at or visit the Zululand Conservation Trust website.