Zululand Conservation Trust

Manyoni has partnered with the Zululand Conservation Trust, a non-profit organisation focused on people and conservation. Not only do they support Manyoni but the whole Zululand region. The ZCT funds a wide variety of projects through generous donations from individuals, businesses and organisations, as well as their own fundraising events. All of the funding is focused on two main types of projects:

  • Community upliftment, with a keen focus on the betterment and empowerment of communities surrounding nature reserves through food security programs, educational initiatives and supporting communities with their basic necessities where possible.
  • Conservation of endangered species, specifically Wild Dog, Black Rhino and White Rhino. The conservation projects also include the Zululand Rhino Orphanage which opened its doors for orphaned rhinos in 2017 due to the increase in poaching in the Zululand area.

The ZCT has established amazing community projects in line with our people and conservation goals, in addition, they support the reserve with essential equipment for our wildlife monitoring & protection. Check out their website and get involved!