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Manyoni Cheetah Release

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  • A spotted cat for Christmas!

    This beautiful male cheetah was moved to Manyoni yesterday afternoon, after he repeatedly escaped from a nearby game reserve, likely in ...
  • The Cost of Life

    Manyoni introduced a pack of African wild dogs in 2014, wild dogs are critically endangered and there are less than 5000 ...
  • New Spots on the Blog

    We have exciting news for all the predator lovers out there. A group of 6 spotted Hyenas was recently indroduced to ...
  • Manyoni Cheetah Release

  • 2016 -2017 Fighting to keep our rhino alive during the drought

    The worst drought in 80 years could have had a devastating impact on our rhino populations – we fought back.
  • Manyoni in the face of a poaching crisis

    A tribute to the rhinos lost on Manyoni Private Game Reserve (formally Zululand Rhino Reserve) in the ongoing and bloody war ...
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