Wildlife Warriors

The project aims to fund equipment, protective clothing, training, death and disability insurance for field rangers on the front line. Field rangers have very high-risk and stressful jobs risking their lives for the protection of our wildlife populations. Job security and life insurance provide them with peace of mind knowing their families are looked after as well. The Wildlife Warriors of Manyoni ensure our White and Black Rhino populations are protected and as a result, all other endangered species benefit from their hard work. The field rangers also play a critical role in monitoring and protection of other species such as wild dogs and cheetah.

With partners such as the Game Rangers Association Africa and Jim Green South Africa we are able to say thank you in the best way possible to these brave men and women providing them with ranger gear and care. If you wish to support our Wildlife Warriors of Manyoni in the form of equipment, protective clothing or in any other way, please get in touch with admin@manyoni.co.za or visit the Zululand Conservation Trust website to find out more or donate towards the program.