Conservation Projects

Rhino De-horning

The Reserve faced a difficult decision, and due to the growing pressure of poaching we made the bold step to de-horn our entire Rhino populaton.... Read more

Black Rhino Expansion Project

The ZRR was chosen as the second release site for the Black rhino expansion project, and in 2005 a founder population of black rhino were released into their new home.... Read more

Leopard tortoise re-introduction

The release of eleven leoaprd tortoises into the Manyoni Private Game Reserve. ... Read more

Red billed oxpecker release

50 red billed oxpeckers are released into the reserve to help promote breeding and grow the population. ... Read more

Rhino management

The reserve notches each rhino to enable us to identify each individual in the wild, get a chance to participate in this unique experience. ... Read more

Painted Wolves released in the Manyoni

On the 1st May 2015 we introduced 6 African Wild dogs into the reserve... Read more

Rhino Orphans

To date the reserve has dealt with 4 rhino orphans due to poaching and the devastating drought. Read the story of our orphans and celebrate with us in their successful rehabilitation ... Read more


Wildlife Act monitor endangered species on the Manyoni Private Game Reserve with the help of volunteers which provide us with invaluable data for our conservation management ... Read more